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Iron Imager Home

Now in its 7th year, Iron Imager remains the only contest of its kind, where imaging professionals across the globe compete for the title of World's Best Imager. 

First Round


Win a trip to the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood, CA, where you'll take on the new reigning Champion: Iron Imager Brad Leask (Network Imaging Producer, NOVA Entertainment in Sydney, Australia). To enter, create and submit an original station branding promo. We'll supply you with the imaging workparts via Benztown Branding. Choose your format and request ingredients here. You can use one of our amazing voiceover talents, or use your's totally up to you. You have full creative control....from the copywriting, to the VO, to the final us what you've got!

Requirements: Max length: 60 seconds; Format: mp3 (256kb/44.1 kHz/16 bit)

Final Round


The Final Round will be held at the W Hollywood from May 2-4, as part of the Worldwide Radio Summit. The Contender (winner of first round) will go head-to-head with the Champion, in an epic imaging battle before a live audience, producing a specific imaging piece with ingredients handed to them in a yet-to-be-announced just one hour! Those 2 pieces will be judged by a panel of top producers and programmers from around the world, and the next Iron Imager will be crowned on May 4, 2018, in the General Session room at 10:55am.