Alexa Skills from Vipology |

Alexa Skills from Vipology

Please read this important message from our good friends and partners at Vipology:

Benztown’s Partner Vipology Delivers Next Gen of Alexa Skills

2018 is starting out to be an interesting year for broadcasters, given all the new opportunities being discussed. There’s a great deal of buzz surrounding smart speaker skills, and our digital partner Vipology wrapped up 2017 by launching Vipology Smart Speaker Skills or ‘VS3’ for short.

Your team may have been recently contacted by digital groups outside of the broadcast space, pitching smart speaker skills for your properties.  Please, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you hear what Vipology can do for you! Vipology has been one of our most trusted partners for years, and they are dedicated to providing the next generation of smart speaker skills at fair and attractive pricing (cash or barter) with deeper innovation.

‘VS3’ for Alexa, the first product in the ‘VS3’ line, will put you at the front of the line in smart speaker technology. Please contact Michael W. Kay at or call him at (213) 432-1800 for more information.

Alexa Skills from Vipology