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Dawson McAllister Live

Dawson McAllister Live with Jessica McVay is a CHR (Top 40) call-in talk show about real, and often heavy, issues facing teens and young adults, featuring Dawson and co-host Jessica "Jai" McVay. The stories on DMLive are raw and unrehearsed from real people with real problems. People dealing with issues like abuse, pregnancy, addiction, heartbreak, and more, and they all have one thing in common – they need to talk about it. Dawson and Jai give clear, caring, common sense advice in a fast paced non-stop caller after caller format, while interacting with audience online via Dawson’s social media platforms and interjecting listener comments into the program in real time. The number one goal of the show is to help the listener find hope, healing and recovery. Each caller speaks further with one of Dawson’s HopeCoaches following their call On-Air.

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Part of what makes Dawson’s message so effective is the way in which he’s integrated into his listeners’ lives. His radio show has numerous outlets including online help; email, call-in, and chat features during the show; a personal blog; and extensive social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His fans relate to him, each other, and your brand via these platforms.



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