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Hey look at all this neat store stuff.

Fútbol Scarf

Regardless of how you pronounce it. 

Tote Bag

Tote Bag
To carry all your junk.

Gary Tuxedo Cufflinks

Nothing says class like a robot dressed in a suit, cuffed to another suit. Am I right? 

Red & White Gary Buttons

To add to the collection on your denim jacket.

Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror
Real time analog selfie maker.


For the jokers, the smokers, and the midnight tokers. 

Bottle Opener

Gary Bottle Opener
The best beer is an open one. 

Hot Mix Mug

Coffee Mug Wide
What you put in here is your business. 

Deck Of Cards

Card Deck Tight
When you just can't even deal anymore. 

Back Scratcher

Got 99 problems but an itch ain't one.

Shots? Glass

The answer to this question should always be YES. 


Flask Wide
Because, Church.

Beer Mug

Beer Mug Wide
Gary no function beer well without. 


Koozie Tight
Keeping your beer cool while you nurse it. Maybe we should make baby bottles?

Gary Head Cufflinks

Because it beats the handcuffs you normally wear.

Lapel Pin

Magnet Lapel Tight
Stick it to your chest.