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Vipology, Inc., is a leading digital company engaged in building products and services to create utility for users, broadcasters, and advertisers. Simply put, we build cool products for the broadcast industry that are simple and easy to use, at an incredibly low price… really, its incredible.


Vipology's most recent product is VS3 (Vipology Smart Speaker System) for Alexa, the first product in the VS3 line, placing you at the front of the line in smart speaker technology. This has become the wild west in a land grab similar to the dot com boom. It's time to get your brand in front of your audience today. Vipology is dedicated to providing the next generation of smart speaker skills as digital solutions, at fair and attractive pricing (cash or barter) with deeper innovation.  Let’s talk about VS3.



AI is complex behavioral research software that can be placed on any page of your website for online engagement. Listeners complete local programming, marketing and sales surveys designed to generate real time behavioral data, identify preferences, likes and dislikes, and pre-disposition towards consumer products and services. Vipology’s AI’s core objective is to generate real time behavioral data that programming, marketing, and in particular sales can use to generate higher ratings and sell more spots. Let’s talk about AI.


Programmers have plenty on their plates these days and we realize that in today's economy, most staff members wear multiple hats.  The concept of “Content is King” is as relevant as with the first websites, so it is our goal to assist your local station provide compelling content for your audience. We provide a variety of daily content delivered straight to your website. Included content features original news accompanied by fully licensed images. Content includes: Format Specific Music Report, Hollywood Report (Disponible en Español), Sports Report (Disponible en Español), and Babe of the Day. Let's talk about AI. 

Mobile + Website

Easy to use and low-priced, Vipology websites are mobile responsive and have a clean, contemporary look and feel. Vipology provides station websites with automated format-specific content every day to keep station sites vibrant, relevant and engaging. Some content includes: Music, Hollywood, and Sports reports accompanied by eye-catching licensed photos. Vipology websites are available to radio stations for barter or are priced at an affordable $149 per month, with no set-up fee. Vipology also loyalty offers to stations an affordable mobile responsive, points-based social prize platform or “Turn Key Rewards”. This program is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter to generate social activities for station databases that stations can track, allowing stations to deliver and advertise messages for the highest impact. Let’s talk about Mobile + Website.

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