Benztown 50 - 2017 |

Benztown 50 - 2017

Benztown 50 is a list of the top 50 voice-over talent in radio station imaging in the US & Canada. The professional research team at P1 Media Group partnered with Benztown to create the Benztown 50 Voice Power Index. The index was devised surveying over 300 US & Canada broadcast groups, and using a proprietary formula weighting voice talent visibility from a number of factors, including station count, station information, and audience. To provide the most comprehensive list, P1 Media Group worked with, and collected data from radio station groups, talent agencies, and the voice-over artists themselves.

John Beach

Blaze Berdahl

Chris Corley

Jim Cutler

Cousin Deke

Kelly Doherty

Dr. Dave

Dave Kampel

Jeff Laurence

Brian Lee

Drew Patterson

John Pleisse

Melody Sharp

Joanna Stadwiser

Paul Turner