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iZotope Ozone 8: The Best Mastering PlugIN or Futuristic New Features?!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Wed, 03/28/2018 - 09:22

As you know we have always been big fans of all the iZotope products and Ozone stood out for me forever. So what’s the latest with Ozone 8?

Can you take your Imaging and Music Production to the next level with the Ozone 8 Advanced? I think yes, but we want to give you an overview of some of its new features, focusing on auto mastering, integrated reference tracks and PlugIn interconnection and communication. Making your Master sound better than ever!









Enter Ozone 8 ADVANCED!

For a start, the new design includes modern digital modules, as well as vintage ones which authentically recreate analog hardware appliances. Up to you and your project.









So we now have the SPECTRAL SHAPER to dynamically edit a frequency band, e.g. to bring out vocals more clearly within the track. This could be implemented in a situation where your VO doesn’t cut through your Imaging, enhancing the clarity of your VO track. 









Also new is the LIMITER ALGORITHM IRC LL. This is the lite version of the limiter which doesn’t use up as much CPU allowing you to produce into the limiter and then switch to the “big” IRC 4 whilst bouncing. The limiter no longer only works level-oriented, but is also geared for loudness (LUFS).









Another really practical feature is that it is possible to import a REFERENCE TRACK to your project which lets you quickly switch between the reference and your own song or imaging piece. Works great with music, but also for Imaging – give it a go.

A big one is the NEW AUTO MASTERING function or so called Mastering Assistant: The spectral balance and the dynamics of a track are analyzed and then adapted. Besides using presets you can furthermore use own references. “I WANT TO SOUND LIKE REFERENCE TRACK …” is possible. 















Interconnection with
Neutron 2 and Tonal Balance Control

This basically means that the PlugIns can communicate with each other. In order to compare two tracks and to find and eliminate spectral overlaps you can display the EQs of two tracks in one PlugIn. When the kick overlaps with the bass it is possible to nicely separate these, as you can see in which areas they interfere. 

Or with mastering, when you realize that your FX track sounds too muffled in the overall mix it’s not necessary to fiddle with the whole track which could lead to an unbalanced mix. You can simply access the FX EQ directly from the Tonal Balance PlugIn which can dramatically improve your overall sound. 

Matching the Ozone Auto Mastering function, Neutron also has the automix function, with presets and your own references.


Ozone meets todays mastering standards perfectly with its new features, that work really well, especially the auto functions and possibility to connect to Neutron. iZotope seems to always successfully find new useful features to its suite that test the limits of the possible. Although the auto functions seem to be a surprisingly successful first step, it will be interesting to see what future AI type additions can improve in our daily nitty gritty. iZotope sets a standard – again.


Andy’s Fiver Friday #128 – ALEXA loves Schnitzel and fly to LA for free!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 03/23/2018 - 09:53

So far so good, a hectic, but awesome week is coming to an end. So many things!!! Most importantly:

The registration for Iron Imager VII is open, Brad is waiting for you.

Also my trip to Vienna was fantastic, I mean is there any city in the world where you can eat better Schnitzel and desserts? Of course RDE Europa was a great conference and I am really happy that I had time to meet old friends and colleges, meet a ton of new interesting people, plus of course, that I could check a lot of panels and seminars and learn about: ALEXA…


Andy’s Fiver Friday #127 – POWAIRful Dynamics, Goodbye to Science’s Brightest Star and See You at Radiodays in Vienna!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 11:52

Finally got back to the office this week in great anticipation of Radiodays in Vienna next week – as to celebrating another Golden Era of Radio! See you guys there!!!


1. PlugIn

Smart & transparent POWAIR Compressor by Soundradix!!! This two-stage loudness leveler is awesome for adding density and punch to the mixes..


Andy’s Fiver Friday #126 – Benztown’s RAP Award Nominees, Jan’s Megamix and James Stodd goes for Gold again!

Benztown Imaging Blog - Fri, 03/09/2018 - 08:04

Insane, the flu has me – still. Can’t remember being this sick in years. Anyhow, again no excuses, here is your weekly dose. Why I’m super proud of Jan and my plan for next week!  

1. PlugIn

Bring your attention back to THE FINGER (aka Body Part) by NI powered by REAKTOR – some cool & creative real-time MIDI controlled FX!!! From time to time like adding a little ‘wow’!

                    2. Inspiration 

This article blew my mind as it says what I feel just so much better than I ever could have.
So remember to “construct a team of stars rather than pamper a superstar.”


3. Music

It’s been ‘Years & Years’ since they’ve released a new song! FINALLY BACK!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

It’s that time again..



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