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production tricks and video tutorials for cutting edge and outstanding radio imaging
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Andy’s Fiver Friday #180 – Easter EDITION !

Fri, 04/19/2019 - 09:00
  Easter weekend!!! Over here, this means two extra days :).. Love it! Get this weeks findings below!!  


Check out this smooth sounding reverb from Oril River – Free to download here!


What do you think?

Boosting your creativity through music!


Love that series and the Soundrack is outstanding! Cant wait for the final season! #peakyblinders!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Thanks for all the love @imaging house – An honor to be interviewed a long side industry icons, such as Dave Foxx and Steve Stone.

Get to know Andreas Sannemann

5. Imaging

BBC’s Matt Fisher leading the charge on this concept. Interesting read and a innovative concept. Let me know what you think?

6 Music pioneers dynamic personalised trails


Andy’s Fiver Friday #179 – Schiller, deep work and a true super human and sports legend says good bye!

Fri, 04/12/2019 - 06:48


Yeah, thank God it’s Friday and the weekend is here. It was a tough week and I am looking forward to some rest and relaxation on Saturday and Sunday. 


This week we’re featuring Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst, a free spectrum analyzer plug-in that lets you monitor the spectral content of your audio signal in real time. If you’re still missing a plugin for monitoring, this should suit you just right!


This book is mind blowing, at least for a notorious overwhelmed multi tasker !


German DJ Legends & music project Schiller has a brand new album out. Love that track :


He was one of the greatest in this sport, a legend while still playing, true superstar and awesome humble human being. For a sports fan, this is a must watch

MFFL feiert Dirk Nowitzki

Da bleibt kein Auge trocken! Der letzte Abend von Dirk Nowitzki im American Airlines Center war unvergesslich! #MFFL Fans, Spieler, Coaches und lebende Legenden feierten Dallas #41 bis tief in die Nacht. Macht mit! Schickt uns weiterhin eure persönlichen Botschaften und Erinnerungen an Dirk Nowitzki – mit dem Hashtag #DankeDirk – und lasst uns den


Imaging ITALIA – Meet Lucio Scarpa from Radio Globo

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 06:49

Lucio and I met on Facebook. He send me some of his stuff and I was blown away. You could tell right away Lucio has tremendous experience and his stuff sounded really hot. We started talking and I felt there is a lot more here to discover and this is what we did. Learn how Lucio does do beatmixing, what plugIns he uses and what was his most fun project ever. 

1. Lucio, can you give me a bit background on yourself, your career, achievements, role at the Radio Gobo. I am sure a lot of the readers will know you or of you, but  it puts a lot of the below in context I assume.

I started my job as assistant engineer in 1989 for a record company called ACV Records at this link you can see most of my works.  In 1995 I started to work for Radio Globo as DJ and Producer, from there a lot stuffs were done.

2. How is it to work in radio in Italy? How Italian imaging differs from the imaging world wide?

Unfortunately here in Italy most of the radio owners doesn’t know about imaging like us. Here at Radio Globo we do a several works with imaging productions. We believe, imaging is the difference between the Radios. From the imaging you can know well what radio is on air.

We are the ones who looks ahead in the future and listen the radio all of over the world to understand were to go and in which way to evolve. Lucky for us, we have an owner Bruno Benvenuti who knows perfectly. We have always done imaging from 1986, from when Cesare Benvenuti e Virginia Dantas (Bruno Benvenuti’s family) started this adventure in italy.

3. How do your days look like? Is there a blueprint? A routine ?

I start to work at 7 am and I spend half an hour on soundcloud to listen my Colleagues from all over the world and their new productions to have some inspirations and to find some more effects and beds to use for me so I’m constantly updated. After that I start to work for ours jingles and promos until 16 pm.

4. What is your baby? Most fun project? 

The most fun was the Pulcino Pio, do you remember the song for children? Listen here: 


But this isn’t imaging is just for fun. My last masterpiece is the recap of the years 2018,  at this link you can see the video and listen to my big 10 minutes mashup.

5. Which DAW do you use?

Pro Tools 12

6. What are your favorite plugins?

I like a lot Waves Tune, Little AlterBoy, Melodyne. I like to use and discover a lot of plugins. I try every day to give always some more.


Little Alter Boy

Waves Tune

7. What are new learnings? Ideas you work on? Inspirations?

I like to listen to colleagues from other radios in the world like: Chris Hartgers from Radio 538, Ashley Bard from Capital Fm, Denzil Lacey from SiriusXM and so on, I have so many friends to take inspiration from and I hope to give some of it too. In these days I’m working on a new quiz that we will launch in a few days

8. Any new tools you discovered lately?

I would like to have a plug in but at the moment it would cost me a little too much, but slowly slowly I will have it, this is Serato Pitch ‘n Time Pro.

9. Your favorite piece of imaging / production ever?

I like everything I do, and I like every new thing more than the last. I love my Beatmix you can listen to someone on my soundcloud page at this link:

10. What would be your career advice for a youngster your twenty year old self?

Seriously engaged, put passion into what you do and above all BELIEVE IT!!



Andy’s Fiver Friday #178 – Back from LA, Berlin Air Lift and Soundtoys Spring Sale!

Fri, 04/05/2019 - 09:15

Wow, what a week. Since Tuesday I am back from LA and back to the grind.  
The WWRS was a blast, we had legendary evenings with our Iron Imager candidates Brendan and Sam at benz house and it was just awesome to see so many industry friends, VO artists and imaging colleagues and of course the benz family! I feel WWRS gets more and more traction along our people ! Yes!


The guys from Soundtoys have yet another sale, awesome prices for awesome products, definitely some of our favorite plugins! Check it out:

Soundtoys Spring Sale 


You gotta love that FB page for Travel Inspiration!

3.Music My good friend Rainer wrote this song for the anniversary of the legendary Air Lift in Berlin  


Interesting new series on Sound Design by Waves:


Some new FREEBies from one of the best in the biz..You are a real Rockstar, Bryan!! Was great seeing you in LA bro!


Imaging Espana and why social networks mean FILTERs OFF for imaging? Enter Mikel Vilchez

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 05:36

I wanted to post this interview for ever. Mikel is one of the best Imagers in the Spanish speaking world. His beatmixing is legendary as well as his power intros. We re-connected when Mikel entered the Iron Imager contest this year and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to interview him. Enter Mikel !

1. Can you give me a bit background on yourself, your career, achievements, role at the Flaix?

Ever since I can remember the radio and music have always been by my side. As soon as I was old enough to work, I combined my electronic studies with being a music radio speaker and a DJ in the clubs. During that time I met great DJs and music producers who did awaken my interest in music production and audio editing. Thanks to this I have always worked in what I like: Radio stations like Los 40 Principales, Europa Fm, Rac105, Radio Flaixbac, Flaix FM. Record labels like Blanco y Negro Music, Vale Music o Bit Music performing Megamixes, sessions or musical productions. Grup Flaix is a company who runs to two stations: Radio Flaixbac (Chr) and Flaix FM (Dance Music). I’ve been working for them for 15 years and now I’m responsible for Radio Imaging of both.




2. How is it to work for some of the biggest radio brands in Spain? What is special about Spanish radio imaging / the scene?

It’s the daily challenge that I love! I always try to find new things to surprise our audience, and now, not only on the radio but also in social networks. Social networks are the meter of your productions, there are no filters, if they like what you do, they say it and if not, they say it too.

3. How do your days look like? Is there a blueprint? A routine ?

I usually arrive at the studio at 9:30, the first thing I do is having a coffee (until 12:00 I’m not a person ) I take a few minutes to look at radio blogs, listening to what other producers are doing (always learning) or discovering new plugins. At 10:00 my workday begins. I have a meeting with the stations’ director every week and after that I have to produce, renew some promos, sweeps, beds or what songs to do powerintros for example. I have a weekly radio calendar and a monthly one with important events (Summer, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, movie premieres, Halloween etc).

4.What´s your baby? The most fun project? 

The project to which I’v had more affection, it’s one I didn’t produce it for the radio.It was commissioned by the Record labels company Blanco y negro music. I created the Megamix of the Bolero Mix dance compilation.

And the production, that I´ve had the most fun with, was when I presented Iron Imager 08. Why ? It was the first time I’ve worked with  English voice and that made me produce the promo in a different way.

5.  If you had to pic 5 Plugins…which ones they would it be?


L2 Ultramaximizer

Valhalla Freq Echo

Filter Gate

Ozone Imager

6. What DAW do you use?

I use different DAW depending on the work that must be done. For all radio imaging, I use ProTools. The quality in the mixing process and the audio processing is spectacular. For music production I use Cubase. The functionality, when I am working with midi, is better. But the final mix of the tracks, I do it in Protools.

7. What are your favorite imaging techniques?

I love integrating the radio logo into the powerintros or beatmixes. Finding the sound that most closely matches the original and mix so that seems to be of the same song.

8. What are the new learnings? Ideas you work on? Inspirations?

I have to admit that I am a freak. I listen lots of radios, especially from outside of Spain. that way I am attentive to everything that other radio imaging producers do. The Radio Imaging is constantly evolving and we must be up to date. I’ve been working on the thematize of the Top of hours for some time. When an expected film is released, I try to integrate the melodies of the film and our logo into the top of hours. It’s fun.

9. Any new tools you discovered lately?

YES!!!! The RX7 from Izotope. AMAZING! I can not live without him anymore. With it, you can extract acapellas, instrumental or bass layers for example.

10. Your favorite piece of imaging/production ever?

I couldn’t tell you just one, I have several beat mixes or power intros that I love.

Beat Mix


Power Intros


11. What would be your career advice for your twenty-year-old self?

I would say to him that radio imaging can’t be learned in one day. In a society where “I want it now” is becoming a constant,…, I know that everything has a learning process. It´s not possible to go from 0 to 100 in two days.

My advice: “Listen lots of radios, listen to what big producers do.” If you listen carefully every day their productions, you’ll realize that they are like a masterclass. Start with the basics, know how to equalize, compress, pan, create stereo voices, learn to use the grid. Once you learn the main thing and a lot of imagination, the success will come.


An excerpt of Mikel’s work: 

TOH Flaixbac Jurassic


TOH Flaixbac World Cup 2018


Flaix FM Downtown


Rampa Mix Speaker



Andy’s Fiver Friday #177 – Spitfire LABS, WWRS And Iron Imager

Fri, 03/29/2019 - 11:53

This week’s Fiver Friday live from Los Angeles, California! Congrats to the winner of Iron Imager 8 Branden Tacey, it was a tough and awesome battle! Here are this week’s findings:


This week we’re featuring Spitfire LABS, a virtual instrument including pianos, pads, choirs, strings and more! Best of it all – it’s free! So go check it out and also check out this neat episode of Composing with Labs to get a quick overview:


Honestly the biggest inspiration this week has been contending at WWRS and connecting with all of you. So much talent and wisdom, we had a great time so far and will love to come back!


Debut album from Billie Eilish! Interesting new artist, gotta look out for her in the future!


Kinda old but super interesting! Getting the feeling of big sport events into your living room and the hard and precise work behind it: 


Congrats to the winner of Iron Imager 8, Brendan Tacey! Awesome competition and awesome pieces, i just LOVE Iron Imager to the fullest! Here’s the winning piece:


IRON IMAGER 8: Readers Vote!

Thu, 03/28/2019 - 13:17

Well, that was an intense round of the Iron Imager challenge between Sam and BT! We were sweating over here at the Castaway watching them cool-ly produce their Country format flyaway promo for the ACM Awards.

Thanks again for being a part of this year’s Iron Imager contest and watching our livestream on Facebook. The winner will be announced tomorrow (3/29) at 10:30am PT following the Iron Imager pow-wow @ the Castaway!

Our judges will be contemplating their pick but we need you to vote for your favorite promo down below so that we can announce the Iron Imager 8 Chaaaaampioooooon!!

Before you vote for your favorite… Did someone say something about a hype video?!

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  • 2

Andy’s Fiver Friday #176 – Above the clouds, Nike meets Maschine and WWRS / Iron Imager

Fri, 03/22/2019 - 08:47
  This weeks Fiver Friday from above the clouds, heading to my second home – SoCal. I am so thrilled to see you all in a few days at WWRS and see history in the making at this years Iron Imager. Sam vs BT Here are last weeks findings. Let’s do it! 1.Plugin

Great opportunity to win my favorite shoes and a MASCHINE Mikro on top! Check this out!

WIN: Nike Air Max 180 & customized MASCHINE MIKRO


Something to think about – great content from infamous “In A Nutshell”


Our awesome trainee Phillipp and his band have their new record out!


Trailer for the latest season of Stranger Things just dropped – looks amazing!


In preparation of Iron Imager, once again check out Sam’s latest work and also Brendan Tacey’s piece that got him into the IRON IMAGER contest:




Wed, 03/20/2019 - 10:12

So, Ladies and Gents, here he is: The Contender from Australia … Triple M! I mean you guys know all him as BT or Brendan Tacey … a legend in the Imaging space. Starting out, he was one of my influences and his legendary YouTube videos were the first touching points we ever had. I am thrilled to hang with him soon in LA and chat Imaging in person. For now, let’s find out how he prepares, feels and trains to become the new Iron Imager. I am sure Sam will do his best to prevent that. ENTER BT!

Have you been to LA / California / the US before? Are you excited to visit?

Spent a month in the states in Oct’17, covering Florida back to CA, including driving from San Fran to LA with my wife and daughters. Then spent an amazing week in LA. Was such a great vibe and I can’t wait to get back and have an awesome week with some even more awesome people.

Of course you know Sam Wickens – what’s your strategy against one of the best Imagers out there? How do you want to win this battle?

Well … I have everything crossed in the fact that Sam will fit the Pommy Cliché of Loving a Pint and late night dodgy curry … Both of which I will work very hard on loading him up on the night before … In the hope he wont be able to sit at the desk for more than 3 minutes at a time during the contest … If you get my drift.

If any, what will be your key advantages?

Without knowing how Sam operates and goes about his work each day… Maybe having to produce multiple intricate pieces on a daily basis in a very short timeframe will go some way to having an edge on the day. Other than that.. I’mm a deer in the headlights trying to work out what key advantage I might have … um … maybe my lucky Jocks/undies/briefs ?

Any idea of how the training regiment will look?

To be honest from hearing past stories of the week in LA around Iron Imager…I think I might need to do more training on getting my liver in shape for the week. I’m actually more concerned about that than the competition itself!

How difficult will it be to work off a portable workstation vs. your fully equipped studio? What’s your setup?

What’s a workstation?


Andy’s Fiver Friday #175 – True Iron, True Chill and a True Legend from OZ!

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 09:24

Only 2 weeks left till Iron Imager 8! Getting more and more hyped about it! For now, here are this week’s findings: 


Stumbled upon this little gem, which looks very promising! Kazrog – True Iron – You can download the demo for free! Also check out this review to preview what you’re getting: 


I highly recommend this just for the sake of beauty and getting inspired in a different way. I always loved the awesome combo of big pictures and sound! Here is the master!

Salomon Ligthelm


True cant get more laid back than this guy


IRON IMAGER 8 – the Champ is back in town and how did life change after winning the BELT?

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 13:21

IRON IMAGER, my baby is on – soon! I AM EXCITED AS HELL!

Sam Wickens will be back to face this years contender: Brendan Tacey from Australia (more about Brendan in the next days).
I had time to reconnect with Sam a few weeks ago in London and chat about whats changed since he became the champ, how his skills have evolved in the last year, what new things he’s learned and and and…ENTER SAM!

Sam, are you excited to get back to LA?

I can’t wait. I feel like last time I only got a taste of what Los Angeles is all about – I’m lucky I get to come back and do it all over again.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Enjoying some LA sunshine, seeing everyone at Benztown and WWRS and of course, taking on the competition. I can’t wait to see what format/script/work parts we’re given and see who I’m facing.

What have been the biggest changes after winning the belt? How did your year go?

It’s been an amazing year – I’m trying to improve my imaging every day just as I was before winning the belt. I suppose winning last year has driven me to learn new skills and demand more from myself. I’ve continued to learn a lot from other producers and doing a lot of audiovisual work has taught me new skills as well. Every project I am given now is an opportunity to try something new, test my speed, creativity and overall ability. I suppose I do always have Iron Imager in the back of my mind as no matter how small or big a project is, I see it as an opportunity to throw my all into it and see what I can get back.

What has been the biggest take away from the overall Iron Imager Experience?

It’s given me great experience and confidence to take on any project given to me, even if I have no idea how I’m going to make it work or put it together. I’ve started to see how I can use the skills I’ve been taught over the last few years into other scenarios and what I can do under pressure.

How has your skill set evolved in the last year?

I’ve been doing some work for Radio X the last six months or so. This has enabled me to dabble in a genre of radio I’ve never tried before. It’s been a learning curve and I think it’s made me a smarter producer. I’ve also continued to learn so much from the team at Capital. I’m lucky to be part of a team that is competitive and constantly drives one another to be more creative and push boundaries.


Any new findings, tricks, plugIns?

I do have some new tricks and techniques I’ve learned – but I’m not giving them away… I want to keep the belt! Most of the plugins I use are waves or Soundtoys and I’ve learnt how to use those plugins better and in different ways rather than invest in new ones over the last year.

What does the training routine look like?

Last year I worked on timing the most… fearing that I’d run out of it. I’m hopeful that won’t be an issue this year. I’m working more on coming up with creative ideas quicker and being more decisive and efficient in implementing those ideas so I have a clear vision from the off.

Who would you like to have as an opponent?

I’m sure whoever I face will be a talented person who deserves to be there. Hopefully, it’s someone who wouldn’t mind going for a beer after one of the most stressful hours of our lives.

What would you tell anyone not sure about entering and throwing their hat into the ring?

I only entered two days before the deadline last year. I hesitated and wasn’t sure if I had what it took to put something together, but I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I would say just go for it because you’ll never know what could happen.


Check out Sam’s soundcloud for his latest tracks!



Andy’s Fiver Friday #174 – Rock The BELLS, Snoop and how to respond to a Hollywood Legend!

Fri, 03/08/2019 - 09:13

FRIDAY, finally! I was so looking forward to this one. So much stuff to produce, do, learn, read, watch :).. Just A quick FYI:

More Iron Imager coming next week, interviews, audio, all the PRE-Contest talk and of course you better get ready to be in LA at WWRS to see it live! 



This week we’re featuring Decimort 2 by D16 Group, a high quality bit crusher with loads of functions and great presets. You can check out the demo on their website!


Fantastic lesson on how to respond to criticism! Must READ!

Netflix’s response to Oscar criticism.


Can’t beat the good vibes from Snoop Dogg ! NEW BANGER BABY!


Was a long week with a lot of web highlights, for me THE Iron Imager contender post stood out! So much great imaging here. Thanks again at all the super talented producer participating!


My man Bryan is killing it again. This is why this guy is one of the best out there!!


Iron Imager 8 – Here is the Contender BT and Honorable Mentions!

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 11:31

We REALLY REALLY REALLY mean it when we say this contest gets better every year. With high-caliber entrants from around the globe, who produce for AMAZING radio stations, the decision gets tougher each year. 

First, I want to thank all entrants who took the time to write scripts, get voiceover, produce and upload their entries. Most of them come in over the weekends, which tells us it’s something you’re truly passionate about. It’s also radio, so I guess we all work on the weekends


Andy’s Fiver Friday #173 – True Iron, Biebs BDAY and Banana Pancakes

Fri, 03/01/2019 - 07:48

So this week went quick, a lot of imaging, debating, voting on all the awesome Iron imager submissions, new findings and everything else – enter Andy’s Fiver FRIDAY!


Kazrog – True Iron – a new saturation plugin created by Kazrog and Powers Music – looks pretty slick and definitely worth a try, go download the demo for free!


Great article Chachi sent to me yesterday!


My favorite Song this week. Who does not love Jack Johnson!


Iron Imager is coming and we will present the contender!!! NEXT WEEK! Stay tuned!!!!


Konrad created an awesome Justin Bieber Birthday MASHUP! KONRAD, way to go!,audio-justin-bieber-mashup100~_story-justin-bieber-fuenfundzwanzig-tops-und-flops-100.html


Andy’s Fiver Friday #172 – Iron Imager FINAL call, Unstable and the world of the esoteric…

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 08:18

Lets get ready for the WEEKEND!!! Here is this weeks findings!


Stumbled upon this little gem – pretty useful for some subtle pitch modulation! Check it out, it’s free and pretty self-explanatory:

Delamancha – Unstable


I am blown away buy a book I am reading right now – a bit esoteric, but gives a different view on things, which I really love.


Crazy how one loop can be heard in so many different productions and genres!


Iron Imager entry is closing soon! Get your hands on the TOOLS and try to beat this guy ! Deadline is the 25th at NOON (PST)!!!!


Mitch is killing it again! Great work mate!


Andy’s Fiver Friday #171 – THE CHAMP IS BACK, Iron Imager 8 and the magic of making SOUNDS!

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 06:30

It’s Friday and Iron Imager is on. I am so excited as this time is my favorite time of the year, when all you super talented Imaging heroes roll up the sleeves and compete with the champ.


This week we’re featuring SPAN, a neat audio spectrum analyzer with a nice interface and customizable preferences! Best of it all – it’s free!! Check it out:

Voxengo – SPAN


I am sure i shared that before or not… It is just so good..


Good new hip hop – not a common thing these days!


Iron Imager is back – the Champ is back in LA for WWRS. Will he defend his title? Who will try to get his hands on the belt. Submission phase starts now!


Sam Wickens Composite


Andy’s Fiver Friday #170 – New Crew Members, FUN TIMES and CRS

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 07:30

This week was….CRAZY, but in a good way, so many new things and what I am thrilled about the most : We have a new crew member and format captain for our benztown NT Library, Adam Kecskemeti, who by the way is also an awesome VO talent – just saying :)…


Waves Sibliance

Waves just introduced a new de-esser plugin, which unlike most de-essers working as narrow band compressors, works with Organic ReSynthesis spectral filters to identify undesirable bursts of sibilant energy. It then completely separates the nuances of sibilance from the vocal signal, leaving the rest of the signal untouched. Sounds great and is definitely worth a try! Check out the Waves introduction video for more information:

Waves – Sibliance


Get plenty inspiration here – I am so happy we can do this together with our long time friend k3 !


My favorite Country Singer Brad Paisley, yes we are getting ready for that thing in Nashville :)..

CRS 2019


From the US to Japan in 3 hours – Hypersonic Jet

DO IT!!!

5. Imaging

Check out ADAM!


Andy’s Fiver Friday #169 – London CALLING, a legendary reverb and EL PRESIDENTE!

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 07:01

Wow, this week went fast. It was a lot of fun to hang with EL PRESIDENTE– Paris, London, Stuttgart – where am I? This weeks highlights!


P2F Reverbs Releases AKG BX15 Spring Reverb!

One of the best sounding spring reverbs ever made. Carefully sampled all decay times (1.5 – 2.0 – 2.5 – 3.0 – 3.5)
You get 15 world class impulse responses inclusive digital captures and analog tape captures with 2 different tape formulas. Old School baby!!!


A good read for the weekend!




Nice tune to kick off the weekend!


London calling. What a great time! I really enjoyed one of the radio capitals in the world. Enjoying times with my mates from Global, the BBC and of course the benztown UK team. Thanks for making it to London guys.









My mate Brad….Just so good!!


Imaging News/Talk for 22 YEARS and why Microsoft WORD is the most powerful tool for an Imaging guy – Meet IHeart’s Scott Stanley

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 06:32

I got introduced to Scott by K3. She recommended Scott as being one of  the best out there and she was so god dam right :)…My interest in these format keeps growing and the more I learn about it, the more I love it. Dive into Scott’s audio examples, learn about scheduling priorities in a crazy news cycle and and and…Enter Scott!

  1. Which production system do you use and why?

I use Adobe Audition.  It’s a fine system and does everything I need it to do.  I didn’t choose it. One day an engineer installed it in my studio and that was that.  I didn’t have much say in the matter. I’ve never really been picky about equipment. As long as it does what I want it to do, I’m fine with it.  I couldn’t tell you model numbers for half the stuff I use. Honestly, the most important piece of equipment I use is Microsoft Word

  1. What are your favourite plugIns?

I don’t have any plugIns.  The various effects built into Audition work just fine for me.  Since the majority of my work goes on the AM band, a lot of effects just get lost.  I use a few built in filters and EQ on my VO talent, but for the most part, I try to keep them natural sounding.

  1. How do you schedule your work?

The news of the day dictates my work schedule.  I’ve learned over the years that the best laid plans can go up in smoke because of some sort of breaking news.  Because of this, I try to work ahead.

I have to promote Reds Baseball, Bengals football, the sports teams of our two local universities.  I try to stay two weeks ahead on game promos. I try to work ahead on weather imaging – I know winter is coming, I know summer is coming – there’s no need to wait to get going on those.  

Another thing I stay on top of is Obits.  The worst thing in the world is to scramble for sound when someone important passes.  I already have Obits produced for all the living Presidents, as well as the big names locally – sports / media heroes, etc.
  1. What do you love about working for News Talk? How important is writing to you?

What I enjoy most about News Talk is the variety of topics and issues I can have fun with.  Obviously, certain topics have to be treated with kid gloves; however, I do take liberties with just about everything else.  Politics, weather, traffic, issues, sports… I try to present them all in an entertaining way. If I can get a laugh, I’ve done my job.  When a promo is perceived as entertainment instead of a commercial – I’ve done my job.
  1. What is the best protools or production trick anybody should know?

I don’t have any studio tricks per se… but I do think the most important thing an imaging person can do, is write copy to be heard.  Copy should speak to the listener the way the listener speaks. Does the average person say precipitation? No. Does anyone say they have “Automotive needs?”  No.

Another thing – be honest.  Nothing sets off the bullshit buzzer like “The show everyone is talking about.”  If everyone was talking about it, there wouldn’t be a need to promote it. That doesn’t mean you can’t go over-the-top, as long as it’s so ridiculous the listener gets the joke, for example: “This winter storm is so bad, you may be snowbound in your home, and just may have to eat your fingers to survive.”


  1. How do you get inspired and what do you use as source of creativity?

I get inspired by the things I see every day.  The fat guy who takes off his shirt to mow the lawn, the bratty kid who has a tantrum in the store, the woman at work who always gripes she doesn’t have money but gets her nails done every week.  I’m also inspired the ridiculousness of Monty Python, the imagination of Disney and sound and feel of big epic films.


  1. Who were your radio production idols, who influenced your work as a producer?

In high school, I listened to our local rock station WEBN.  They did stuff I’d never heard on the air before. They ran fake commercials.  They had bizarre contests. They even had an on-air theatre of the mind parade every April first.  I would listen to the station just for the production elements – that’s what really entertained me.  Later in life, I got to intern at WEBN and learned from the men who created those pieces, Tom Sandman and Joel Moss.  I learned from them how to channel my ideas and attitude into production pieces

  1. What have been the key advices you received throughout your career?

Never take yourself too seriously.  Be a team player. Keep trying something new.



Andy’s Fiver Friday #168- Paris, Le Catacombs and See With Your Ears

Fri, 01/25/2019 - 06:54

Fasten your seatbelt we’re heading towards the weekend! What a week, amazing memories where made and I got you a brief overview of this week’s news! What are you waiting for?


Fuse Audio Labs presents the VCL-864U Vintage Tube Limiter/Compressor plugin.

Using modern circuit-modeling techniques, all aspects of the original model are mirrored in this plugin down to the smallest detail. A high-powered set of versatile features have been added, including switchable release times, a side chain high pass and a dry/wet control to streamline your ITB workflow. The result is a vintage tube limiter with an outstanding range that gives you everything from thin and transparent to gritty, distorted operation without ever losing its unique easy-going vintage vibe.

Available for Mac OS and Windows in AAX, AU, VST2.4 and VST3 in 32 and 64 bits.


A short interesting clip of how the sound affects what you see. Visuals aren’t the most important part of the film, sound really alters the way we perceive a scene.


Check out this groovy cover, this guy has some talent! 

4.Web/Social/Whatever This week we stayed in Paris for the European Radio Show. Great time to see friends, enjoy the show and of course check one from the bucket list, The Caracombs!     5.Imaging

My mate BT with a monster collage of his actual works. 14 minutes of awesomeness!