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Stay on-point with the freshest new AI-FX elements delivered every month!
At least 100 FX per month across all categories!

Over 150mb ­delivered as 16bit/44.1.wav files.  

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Alien Imaging - Ultra FX

AI-FX 2 

Evolution of the AI-FX Series

AI-FX 2 builds on the sonic character of it's predecessor with 500 artfully crafted, highly usable sonic style elements. Faster FX - with more tails and pads - including neutral pads that will lay over almost any music. Perfect for setting up VO over music segues. The "Wubs" return - this time with added FX elements and mix-outs for even greater drag and drop flexibility.
116 FX – Promo & Sweeper Starters, Kicker & Separator FX elements
197 FX w/ Tails – Starter FX with neutral and tonal tailing pads
66 Loops / Beds – Rhythmic and music loops from 128bpm – 170bpm
24 Drones, Pads and Textures
17 Wubs – Crazy Bass music elements now with added FX and mixouts – delivering over 50 individual effects

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Alien Imaging - AIFX v1

AI-FX v1

The Flagship FX line from Alien Imaging

AI-FX v1 is 300+ artfully crafted sonic style elements. Designed for producers striving for sleek Radio Station Image Branding that slices through on-air with unmistakably modern sonic DNA.
180+ Promo Sweeper Starter / Kicker / Separator FX elements
25 Loops with FX mix outs (75 elements total)
50+ Drone/textures with FX mixouts (150 elements total)
60 Nano FX – un-obtrusive yet still ultra modern and sleek
15 Alien Wubs – you luv the wubs – these are the Alien kind!

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Alien Imaging - Ultra FX

Ultra FX 

Over 300 FX: Starters, Hits & Ramps/Reversers, Textures and Loops. Plus Schmidtz Bitz Epik Shellz & Workparts Vol.1

ULTRA FX is Alien Imaging’s most popular FX package to date – in use in every US Top 10 Market and numerous large markets world-wide from Western Europe, Australia and the Far East. It’s sound is undeniably “now” and is equally at home on contemporary Radio formats like CHR, URBAN, Rock, Sports as well as Video and internet productions.

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Alien Imaging - Ultra FX II

Ultra FX 2 

Over 300 more ULTRA style FX: Kickers/Starters/Transition FX, Hits & Ramps/Reversers, Textures and Loops

The overwhelmingly positive response to ULTRA FX made it inevitable a follow up would be produced. ULTRA FX II picks up right where ULTRA FX left off and delivers over 300 more of Alien Imaging's most popular FX, beds, hits, ramps, loops and textures. Perfect for contemporary formats ranging from Rock, Sports, CHR, Urban, Christian as well as DJ, Video and podcast productions.

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Alien Imaging - Torch


Over 500 Epic Burnt & Blasted Kicker/Starter FX, Loops, Textures, Risers, and Stagers

I had just signed on to launch a brand new FM Sports Station in San Francisco aimed at younger demos than the typical Sports talker. I knew I wanted to Image the station like epic movie trailers and that meant a brand new suite of Imaging tools. Thus - TORCH FX was born. This stuff kicked so much ass I knew I had to release it. And now this exclusive, custom package is available on buyout. Over 500 charred, blasted and totally epic FX, loops, risers and pads giving you everything you need to get your "In A World" on!

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