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Benztown Voiceover Stories

Conversations with people from in-front-of and behind-the-mic in the worlds of voice over, radio imaging, and podcasting. Hosted by Loren Kling with Alan Ng.

Episode Nine - Guest: Rich Van Slyke

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with former production director and on-air personality, and current radio imaging producer & voice actor, Rich Van Slyke.

As a college kid in upstate New York, Rich started on-air at WKRT, Cortland. From there he went to his hometown of Buffalo to work at WYRK where he had his first stint as a Production Director.

He's won 11 AIR awards including Best Creative Director 3 years in a row. He's won several Radio And Production Magazine Awards, and is the only person to win both “Best Large Market Promo” and “Best Large Market Commercial” in the same year.

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with Rich about...

  • Being a rock guy who cut his teeth in Country
  • How a pot head named "Doug" inspired Rich to pick up the guitar... again
  • Learning about "theater of the mind" style production through R&R production tapes
  • And if he still dreams of sitting around a retirement home with a couple of acoustic guitars and a harmonica just jamming on the blues.

Episode Eight - Guest: Oscar Vasquez

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with former production director and on-air personality, and current radio imaging producer & voice actor, Oscar Vasquez.

Having started at KNEX-FM in his hometown of Laredo, Texas at the age of 17, he moved on to KIWW, KKPS, KBFM/Wild 104. Oscar was Production Director for Z93 & KRRG/Big Buck Country 98.1.

Oscar now dedicates himself full time to his home studio where his voice can be heard on multiple Dash Radio stations, on Fuse network's SKEE TV, and the Benztown Rhythmic library.

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with Oscar about...

  • Starting in radio at age 17
  • Finding his love of music and production in high school band and tech crew
  • Getting maced for his job as a local news photo journalist... twice
  • Going on a high speed car chase ride-along
  • Dealing with the diagnosis and treatment for right temporal lobe epilepsy

Episode Seve - Guest: Josh Goodman

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with on-air talent and voice actor, Josh Goodman.

With over 25 years experience in radio and VO, Josh can be heard as the promo voice for HBO Sports, as a narrator for shows on Animal Planet, Travel Channel, National Geographic Channel, and more, as well as the go-to voice for commercials from Chipotle and Chevrolet. You can also hear him on numerous radio stations from coast-to-coast.

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with Josh about...

  • If it's possible to be available to your clients and family 24/7
  • Getting into radio at age 12 and then becoming the afternoon drive host at WFLY/Albany at age 16
  • Napoleon Hill and manifesting success
  • Becoming the “voice” of HBO Sports and getting a seat at the table in the world of voice over

Episode Six - Guest: Ashley Cavaliere

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with on-air talent and voice actor, Ashley Cavaliere.

Ashley was the girl in class who couldn't wait to read out loud and when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, the answer was always, "a voice actor."

She began her career in radio at the age of 19 with an internship at WKCI-FM in New Haven/Bridgeport, Connecticut where she instantly fell in love with the world of radio. Today, she's their Production and Imaging Director and can still be heard mid days. She's also the imaging voice for stations across the country as well as for many of the iHeartRadio app channels.

On this episode I chat with Ashley about...

  • Growing up on a farm and her love of animals and becoming a wildlife rehabilitator.
  • Her brush with a TV medium
  • Who her dream dinner conversation would be with
  • If she ever thought of moving to a larger market
  • Living with Anxiety and OCD

Episode Five - Guest: Rob Reed

Rob Reed has done everything in radio. From PD and GM to Partner/Owner. From radio announcer to radio imaging, documentary and corporate narrations, and TV promos.

His deep voice has been described as, "A Sam Elliot swag and a bare-knuckle bad-assery."

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories I chat with Rob about...

  • Growing up on dairy farms around the U.S dreaming of one day being a sports announcer.
  • Voicing radio commercials for his mother's fabric store starting at age 12.
  • Going through a self help metamorphosis as he entered his 50s.
  • How a mentor is wiser but not always older
  • How two, huge health scares led to two, huge discoveries

Episode Four - Guest: Melissa Disney

Melissa Disney is a voice, stage, and on-camera actor, singer and songwriter.

She's recorded commercial campaigns for McDonalds, Lexus, Sprint, Doritos, Ford, and more. Voiced promos for the NFL, HGTV, ABC, CBS, Fox, and numerous radio stations across the US.

She's the voice of the Oscars, Emmy, and the Billboard Music Awards. But many of us will know her as the first female voice of movie trailers for her groundbreaking and award-winning work across multiple genres of trailers including Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and Nicholas Cage in Gone in 60 Seconds.

On this episode of Benztown Stories Loren chats with Melissa about...

  • Start on the stage and getting into Voice Over
  • Don LaFontaine and Melissa's entry into the male-dominated world of movie trailers
  • Singing, acting, following a guy to an audition, moving to Texas
  • Booking the voice of the Oscars while in labor at the hospital
  • Her famous name

Episode Three - Guest: Howard Cogan

Howard Cogan is a DJ, radio imaging, promo and commercial voice actor. He spent over 20 years spinning the hits on radio stations around Vancouver and Toronto but it was his dry, sardonic reads on beer and fast food commercials that would land him his first imaging gig at Vancouver's Jack 96.9. As the voice of the Jack FM format he's been heard by millions of radio listeners and in thousands of doctor's offices across the U.S. and Canada.

On this episode of Benztown Voiceover Stories Loren chats with Howard about...

  • Being pioneers in the early days of radio station web sites when they were just a logo, a phone number, and a dream.
  • Being a life-long tech-geek and building his first radio station at ten years old in his parent's basement.
  • How he's still pissed off about missing the hole in a golf pitch-and-putt game at six years old and how that incident led to his work ethic today.
  • His thoughts on why so many people hate the JACK FM format.

Episode Two - Guest: Alyson Steel

Alyson Steel is an imaging and commercial, voice and on camera actor. She's a graduate of the “Famed” high school of Performing Arts in New York City. Alyson is the voice of Norms, Pajamagram, Vermont Teddy Bear, and TVG Networks. You can hear her image the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, Flashback with Matt Pinfield and on stations around the country and world.

On this episode of Benztown Stories Loren chats with Alyson Steel about...

  • What song and soap opera character Alyson named her kids after.
  • Her move from New York to L.A.
  • Yoga.
  • The "Law of Attraction"

Episode One - Guest: Joe Cipriano

Joe Cipriano has been the signature voice for some of the biggest networks, brands, TV shows, movies, and radio stations around the world. You probably know the voice but do you know anything about the man behind the voice?

On this episode of Benztown Stories host, Loren Kling, chats with Joe about...

  • His first job at WWCO in Waterbury, CT at age 14.
  • How he was two of three finalists for a job at a radio station in D.C.
  • His decades plus years as the voice of both the Fox and CBS TV Networks.
  • At one point losing three quarters of his income at a time when everyone thought he 'had everything.'
  • Co-writing a book with his wife, Ann, called "Living On Air - Adventures in Broadcasting."

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