Benztown brings top commercial voiceover and copywriting talent to radio stations for barter |

Benztown brings top commercial voiceover and copywriting talent to radio stations for barter

New Offering Gives Stations Choice, Flexibility and High Production Quality That Increase the Creativity and Effectiveness of Local Spots and Drive the Value of Local On-Air Talent Endorsements

AUGUST 7, 2013, BURBANK, CA— Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming and voiceover services company, announced today that the company is now offering commercial voiceover and copywriting for barter to radio stations of all market sizes. Benztown’s commercial voiceover and copywriting services give stations access to the industry’s top voiceover artists and copywriters who create top-flight radio advertising spots and campaigns for local advertisers. Stations can choose any of the talents from Benztown’s extensive talent roster, at any time, offering unmatched flexibility for barter.

The new offering is being made in response to the high demand for professional commercial copywriting and diverse professional commercial voiceover talent. Paired with a radio environment where local station talent has been reduced for cost savings, and the skeleton crews at the stations can barely keep up, causing local commercials and branding campaigns suffer. Account executives necessarily spend time writing spots, taking them away from what they do best—selling—and the production director or DJ, program director or general manager voice virtually every spot that is produced locally. That, in turn, dilutes the value of local voice talent for commercial use and floods local airwaves with the sound of sameness and less than memorable spots. Benztown’s commercial voiceover and copywriting solutions provide a budget-friendly alternative, giving stations choice, convenience and quality.

Justin Case, Director of Programming & Imaging, Benztown, said: “This is the total package for local production directors to create commercials that sound great, differentiate brands, and work for advertisers and stations—all for barter. With Benztown’s commercial voiceover and copywriting services, stations can now brand local campaigns with great-sounding spots that enhance the station’s programming and increase the value of local production. We’re proud to bring our all-star team of commercial voiceover and copywriting talent to markets of all sizes—consistently delivering the quality, creativity and great sound that Benztown is known for.”

Case added: “Our hope is that when stations tap into Benztown’s commercial voiceover talent, it will help drive the value of their local jock endorsements, as local on-air talent can then be used exclusively for the endorsements that value the jock and station brand. It’s also another tool in the belt of the sales staff to help close deals and bring in revenue to their stations. Having exclusive voices in the market, and better ads that maximize the medium will set these stations and their commercial products apart from the competition, and improve the effectiveness of their local campaigns.”

For more information about Benztown commercial copywriting and voiceover products and services for barter, visit or call Masa Patterson at (818) 842-4600.