Christmas in a Box - Over 50 Free Holiday Downloads! |

Christmas in a Box - Over 50 Free Holiday Downloads!

Benztown offers its holly, jolly market-exclusive “Christmas in a Box” library to stations, FREE with a Benztown library subscription. “Christmas in a Box” delivers an overflowing Santa sack full of fun and festive Christmas programming which includes over 5,000 tracks right into your stocking! Our programming gives listeners sweet and savory bites of Christmas cheer that will delight Christmas music lovers far and near. If you want to ensure a spot on the nice list this year…you’ve come to the right place.

Additionally, Benztown offers to all radio stations more than 50 FREE Christmas audio elements produced by the award-winning creative production team at Benztown! These elements will include everything from sound design FX and SFX, drones/pads, holiday listener drops and even some Santa audio— ALL TOTALLY FREE!

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