David And Goliath-Style Throw Down Slated For Iron Imager Contest 2014 In Epic Battle For Title Of World’s Best Imager | benztown.com

David And Goliath-Style Throw Down Slated For Iron Imager Contest 2014 In Epic Battle For Title Of World’s Best Imager

 -Iron Imager 2013 Titleholder Dan Kelly of NYC to Compete Against Brady Goodman of Kansas City on April 3rd in Hollywood-

MARCH 18, 2014, BURBANK, CA—Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming and voice-over services company, today announced that Hot AC imaging specialist Brady Goodman of KZPT-FM/Kansas City has been chosen as finalist in the third annual Iron Imager Contest, an international radio imaging contest where production professionals compete for cash and other prizes and the coveted title of World’s Best Imager. Goodman will face off against Iron Imager 2013 titleholder, Dan Kelly, Creative Services Director, WPLJ & NASH-FM/New York, in a head-to-head live competition on April 3rd at the Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood. Goodman and Kelly will demonstrate their world-class imaging skills using audio ingredients handpicked from Benztown’s 20 production libraries, paired with contestants’ original scripts. Iron Imager is the first and only competition of its kind.

Benztown also announced today the Iron Imager Contest judges, who rank among the world’s top producers and programmers. Judges are: Justin Chase, VP of Programming, Beasley Broadcast Group; Jake Kaplan, Creative Services Director, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles; and Jimmy Steal, VP of Programming, Emmis National Digital Program Director/Power 106 PD. Benztown is making donations to the charity of each judge’s choice. The charity that Chase has chosen is the Children’s Miracle Network; Kaplan’s chosen charity is The Trevor Project; and Steal’s charity of choice is the American Cancer Society.

Dave “Chachi” Denes, Benztown President, said: “With two of the world’s most highly skilled imagers—both Hot AC pros from very different markets– competing as finalists, Iron Imager Contest 2014 will be one for the books. We are pleased that Justin Chase, Jake Kaplan, and Jimmy Steal have agreed to take on the difficult task of determining which of these two very talented imagers will take home the title of World’s Best Imager for 2014.”

Brady Goodman said: “I’m coming for the belt, so get ready. Kidding, I’m still not sure if this is a morning show prank or not. In all seriousness, it is an incredible honor to go up against one of Radio’s imaging legends, Dan Kelly, who holds the title to World’s Best Imager. I’m bringing my best to this match-up and may the best imager win! Thanks to the Benztown team for sponsoring this showcase for the power of professional imaging. I’m thrilled to be a contender this year.”

Dan Kelly, 2013 Iron Imager, said: “IN A WORLD….WHERE ONE MAN HAS A BELT…..ANOTHER MAN….WILL TRY TO TAKE THE BELT AWAY. Yeah, it’s the Iron Imager belt. And if you want to try it on (it doesn’t fit me)…then step into the ring, my friend! It’ll be like CHOPPED for imaging!”