Major Market Radio Stations Kick Off 2013 with Benztown |

Major Market Radio Stations Kick Off 2013 with Benztown

Latest Additions Mark Momentum of Radio’s Fast-Growing New Programming and Imaging Model

JANUARY 9, 2013, BURBANK, CA— Benztown, an international radio imaging, production library, programming, and voice-over services company with over 1,200 affiliation on six different continents, announced today that four U.S. major market stations have signed on as Benztown station partners in creating innovative radio imaging through its 20 production libraries, custom imaging services, and premium voiceover products and services. Joining the Benztown affiliate roster are: KBFF-FM, Portland, OR (Alpha Broadcasting); WBUZ-FM, Nashville, TN (The Cromwell Group); XHRM-FM, San Diego, CA (Local Media San Diego); WMXJ-FM, Miami, FL (Lincoln Financial Media). Sam Zniber (Program Director, WMXJ-FM/Miami) said, “Benztown is instrumental in the transformation of Magic 102.7 in Miami. The entire Magic team is enjoying Benztown’s passion for great radio.”

The additions build on the momentum that Benztown has driven since the company came on the U.S. radio scene in 2009, led by L.A. programming veteran, Dave “Chachi” Denes, Benztown President. Established in 2004 in Stuttgart, Germany, by CEO Andreas Sannemann and Oliver Klenk, two of Europe’s hottest programming and production talents, Benztown now has over 1,200 affiliations on six different continents. Known for its fresh, sophisticated, and artful approach to radio imaging and voiceover, Benztown marries state-of-the-art global production techniques and audio aesthetics with American innovation, experience and talent. Benztown is the first company to successfully monetize the voice-over for barter model. With hundreds of barter and cash deals in place and an extensive roster of world-class voice-over talent, Benztown signed the industry’s first-ever radio group deal for imaging services with Cumulus Media in 2012.