The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show Becomes a Reality |

The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show Becomes a Reality

Burbank, CA – Benztown Radio Networks President Dave “Chachi” Denes and Melissa Etheridge have announced a new era in AC Radio: The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show.

Chachi, a Los Angeles programming veteran, saw that AC Radio needs a talent who can deliver contemporary entertaining content, while giving affiliates unlimited flexibility. Enter Melissa Etheridge: a compelling personality with the experience, sensitivity, and contemporary relevance to bring AC radio into the 21st Century.

Chachi discussed the idea for a radio show with his longtime friend Melissa. She loved the idea, and after teaming up with producer Heather Case (previously of the Billy Bush Show), The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show became a reality.

After learning of the program from Chachi, Jean-Marie Heimrath of SparkNetworks caught up with Melissaʼs current tour in Vancouver. He was so excited about the show that he struck a Canadian distribution partnership immediately.

To find out more about The Melissa Etheridge Radio Show, visit, or call 818-842-4600.


Click here to hear the demo.

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