Benztown Hosts Texas A&M Students |

Benztown Hosts Texas A&M Students

AUGUST 2, 2017 - Last week, communications and journalism students from Texas A&M University got front row seats to L.A. media's hot spots, courtesy of their hosts at Benztown. Each summer, Texas A&M Professor Billy McKim takes a group of students across the U.S. to meet communications and journalism professionals and to collaborate on projects with the pros. In addition to meeting professionals, the students applied the skills they learned in previous on-campus courses (in graphic design, strategic communications, market research, public relations, photography, and videography), while doing research and video production projects on the road. 

While in L.A., Benztown arranged for the student group to tour their state-of-the-art studios in Glendale, CA, before taking them to visit: KTLA 5 TV, KROQ / AMP, the CBS Radio cluster in San Bernardino - Riverside (KFRG), and Joel Denver, President/Publisher/Co-Founder and the team at All Access Music Group. Benztown also provides access to its full catalog of highest quality production libraries to Texas A&M University broadcasting students on an ongoing basis at no charge.

Four of the students also spent two weeks in Nashville meeting with Warner Music Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry, Creative Nation Music, Jerry Duncan Promotions, Country Radio Seminar, Aloompa, All Access Nashville, and Thinkswell. In total, the Texas A&M students spent more than a month traveling, networking, and completing hands-on projects. The folks at Benztown were thrilled to plan the L.A. leg of their summer tour for the next generation of communications professionals, and a great (and educational) time was had by all!

Check out Benztown's photo album of the students' KTLA tour on Facebook at:!