Benztown Scores a Hat Trick for Ace & TJ |

Benztown Scores a Hat Trick for Ace & TJ

Burbank, CA – Benztown Radio Networks nailed down 3 new affiliates this month for The Ace & TJ Show. The listeners of KORQ-FM Abilene, TX, WKZZ-FM Albany, GA and WKNA-FM Columbus, OH will all be waking up with the comedic morning bunch of The Ace & TJ Show in the very near future.

This marks yet another highly accelerated show launch for the surging Benztown Affiliate Relations team, headed by Masa Patterson. “I’m making sure the entire staff takes their daily multivitamin and it seems to be paying off!  In all seriousness, credit The Ace & TJ Show.  Their top shelf product and class-act crew makes our job easy.  We’re excited to keep growing with them,” remarked Patterson.

Ace & TJ know they’re in good hands. “Who would have thought a guy named Chachi would actually be true to his word, but he’s already added members to our ‘Radio Family,’” said Ace, while TJ chimed in with, “I couldn’t be happier with Benztown. I thought every station in the country had turned us down until they came along.”

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