Sunday Night Slow Jams Kicks Off its 20th Anniversary Year with Four New Affiliates |

Sunday Night Slow Jams Kicks Off its 20th Anniversary Year with Four New Affiliates

Austin, Little Rock, Palm Springs and Long Branch, NJ Stations Bring Slow Jams to 75 Affiliates

JANUARY 30, 2014, BURBANK, CA— Benztown Radio Networks announced today that nationally syndicated radio show, “Sunday Night Slow Jams”, has added four new affiliates. The new affiliates are: KKMJ-FM, 96.3 RnB, Austin, TX; KHLR-FM, Heartbeat 106.7, Little Rock, AR; WWZY-FM, 107.1 FM, Long Branch, NJ; and KKUU-FM, U-92.7, Palm Springs, CA. The four-hour show, which is syndicated by Benztown Radio Networks, airs on 75 stations across the U.S. and Canada. “Sunday Night Slow Jams” ( and the nightly version, “Slow Jams with R Dub!” celebrate 20 extraordinary years on-air this year.

Both the Mainstream/Top and Rhythm versions of “Sunday Night Slow Jams” feature the hottest love songs from today and back in the day, and specialize in playing tracks that take listeners back, with special dedications that drive home the emotional impact of the show. Usher, Drake, Rihanna, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake and more can all be heard on “Sunday Night Slow Jams”, and the weeknight version, “Slow Jams”.

R Dub!, “Sunday Night Slow Jams” Host and President of Fusion Radio Networks, said: “”The growth of Slow Jams this quarter has been phenomenal. I’d like to thank our new affiliates, along with our existing ones–many who have been Slow Jammin’ with us now for over a decade, as incredible numbers continue to roll in. Our stations and listeners are what make it all worthwhile— It’s truly a team effort!”

Cat Thomas, Director of Programming, Entercom Austin, said: “R Dub! is the quintessential slow jams host. He connects with our listeners so well, you’d swear he was in Austin. Here’s to another 20, R Dub! Congratulations!”

Scott Dwyer, Program Director, KKUU-FM Palm Springs, said: “This is the second station I’ve had Sunday Night Slow Jams on. It was a no-brainer for us; amazing numbers and the listener passion level for Slow Jams is insane! Congrats on 20 years, R Dub! That’s amazing!”

R Dub! created “Sunday Night Slow Jams” in 1994 at the age of 17, at a tiny AM radio station in the middle of the Tucson desert.

For more information and to get “Sunday Night Slow Jams” in your market, visit slowjams on or contact Masa Patterson at Benztown at or (818) 842-4600.