The Benztown Plug-in |

The Benztown Plug-in

Introducing... The Benztown Plug-in. It goes to 11. Because you wouldn’t expect anything less from Benztown!

The Benztown Plug-in brings the entire Benztown radio imaging library in fully integrated form to your digital audio workstation in seconds. The first of its kind, it is THE shortcut to accessing audio directly where you need it. From zero to 11, put Benztown's audio in your actual project/session at the touch of a button. Audition and download the Benztown content you want - right there in your DAW. Just pull the audio from the plugin into your session and start creating! It's that easy - and gives you even more time to UNPLUG when the work is done!

The Benztown Plug-in works with any DAW - from ProTools to Audition to Logic, Reaper, and more. AAX, VST and AU formats are supported.

Make your job faster and easier with the new Benztown Plug-in - another advanced audio production tool and secret weapon from your friends and partners at Benztown.

At last, NOTHING comes between you and your Benztown audio!