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Plug-in Testimonials

"What can I say about the best plugin in the world? It’s a really fast way to use and search for content in an online library. The ability to drag and drop the sounds in your Pro Tools session makes it the tool that every producer is waiting for. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!"

Alban Rivoal - Radio Producer - Fun Radio / Paris

"A slick design, with an easy to use interface that improves my workflow. Perfect!"

Brad Leask - Network Imaging Producer - Nova Entertainment / Sydney

"We all know that turnaround time on imaging projects these days are minutes rather than hours, so having this Benztown plugin has actually been life changing. Being able to find artist audio, instrumentals and other workparts within seconds and dragging straight into my DAW rather than trawling websites is incredible, thank you!"

Ash Bard - Head Of Production - Capital FM / London