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A Valentine From R Dub!

Dear PD:

I’m going to be a little forward…I want us to be together…I really do!  We deserve to be in each other’s lives.  I mean, you, with your awesome radio station…and me, with my number-one rated weekend show.

So why aren’t we together?  Have you even noticed me?

I’m #1 on over 130 radio stations now, with so many PDs that you know and respect. Book after book, we’re these stations’ highest rated daypart of the entire week!

So what’s up with you and me?

Are you ignoring me? Don’t you understand we’d be wonderful together?

This may seem crazy, but I wanna be with you for Valentine’s Day—this Valentine’s day. Is there not a better night to air a Slow Jams special, than on Tuesday, February 14th?

Take me. Use me. Air me. No spots. No contract. No commitment. Just run the show Tuesday night, February 14th!

I’ll send you local imaging you can use for your station. I’ll even let myself out in the morning, and you don’t have to call me ever again. You don’t even have to change your facebook relationship status. Just take me this Valentine’s Day. I promise you’ll love it.

Sincerely yours,

R Dub!

Sunday Night Slow Jams

Click here to download the show now! 

YES! I want to download the free Valentine’s Edition of Sunday Night Slow Jams. I understand I don’t have to sign any contract, run any spots, or make any commitment whatsoever. I’m just a bright PD who realizes a Sunday Night Slow Jams special is the smartest Valentine’s promotion ever, costs nothing, and will set me apart from my competition!